Community Groups

We believe that one of the best ways to develop relationships, provide mutual care and support for one another, and discover God more deeply is by becoming involved with smaller groups of people, committed to living out the implications of the gospel in their lives. At Valley Presbyterian Church, we call these gatherings “Community Groups.” It’s our hope that through the relationships that develop in Community Groups, we might live life with one another, care for each other, learn together, and support one another in times of need.

Because mutual cafe and support are vital to the journey of following Christ, these Community Groups are where we encourage all of our membesr to land.  We believe this is a very important step in the health of Christ's Followers and desire this to be the next step you take if you haven't already.

Ready to get in a Community Group?  It’s easy... 

  1. We offer Men’s and Women’s Groups, and Groups with single and married men and women. Decide which one you want to tryout. Then… 
  2. Find a day and time below that fits your weekly rhythm, and send a quick email to the contact listed to let them know you’d like to visit the group. You’ll get an equally quick response and invitation to their next gathering.
  3. Feel free to tryout more than one group. Lather, rinse, repeat!
  4. If you need more help in finding a group that's right for you, send our Assistant Pastor James Hollis an email:
  5. That’s it!!