New Mentoring Info for 2019-2020 COMING SOON

Sign-Ups August 2019


What is the hope of mentoring? 

The hope is that these groups of women will enter into a relationship with one another, encouraging each other to love an glorify God more fully. Mentoring is essentially "to prepare God's people for works of service" Ephesians 4:11-13 Susan Hunt describes mentoring in the following way: "When a woman possessing faith and spiritual maturity enters into a nurturing relationship with a younger woman in order to encourage and equip her to live for God's birth biologically or being of a certain chronological age are not prerequisites for spiritual mothering." 

What will these groups look like? 

Each of these groups will consist of one mentor and 3-4 other ladies meeting once a month from September to May. They will be topical.  We will offer study options for evening and day times.  Some of the ladies are able to be flexible and will decide on exact meeting time once the group is established. See other side for a description of the different topics, as well as information about meeting day, time and place.

How do I register for a group? 

Read opposite side to look at the different groups offered.  We are purposefully not including the names of the ladies who are leading each group.  We want your desire for a mentor to be centered on an area of spiritual growth, not the particular mentor.  Choose two groups and rank them according to your preference. If the group is flexible on meeting day/time please state your preference. 

Please send your preferences in order to Kathy Guest

If we do not have enough slots for all the women who would like to be in mentoring relationships this fall, we hope to continue to add new groups and will inform you when they begin. Please sign up by August 21th. 

What am I committing to? 

By signing up for one of these groups, you are committing to coming each month.  Please consider carefully if you have the time in the upcoming year to commit to a mentoring relationship.  Also, please consider this with a communal mindset.  If you sign up for a group that you cannot truly commit to, you may take someone else's spot who would have benefited from mentoring.  Each of these mentors is committing their time to you and it is important that you consider carefully your own availability.  Obviously, unforeseen emergencies arise, but in general, if you join a group, you are committing to it for the year.

Why should I join a group?

We all need to grow in our walk with the Lord.  If you long to walk with an "older" woman in the faith and experience the benefits of having someone pray for you, encourage you and dig into the word with you, then this is your opportunity!  I highly recommend that you consider taking the time to be mentored.  If you have never been in a formal mentoring relationship, this may serve as a model for you so that you will be able to mentor others.  We hope that as more and more women are mentored, they will be faithful to pass on what they have learned to others.  Essentially, we hope you will grow yourself, as well as be built up to pass on what you have learned to others.

When do I find out what group I am in?

You will be contacted the week of August 27th by your mentor with the initial starting date. If you do not hear from her by Labor Day please contact Kathy Guest. 



When God Doesn't Fix It-First Tuesday of the month 6:30-8:00 pm

Our trials in life can be overwhelming. Have you ever experienced difficult times in life and felt increasingly frustrated that God didn’t just “fix it”? Our mentoring group will be using Laura Story’s book and DVD series When God Doesn’t Fix It…Learning To Walk In God’s Plans Instead of Our Own. We will hear how even when our problems may not disappear they may be transformational, changing our lives in a positive way. As Laura Story’s song “Blessings” so beautifully states… “What if trials of this life are your mercies in disguise”.

Joy-2nd Monday of the month 6:30pm

It’s so easy to have joy in the Father when life is going good but what about when life gets hard? It’s those moments where we need to press in and trust in Gods faithfulness and his many promises despite our circumstances! Joy and suffering are not two words we usually put together  but in this group we will!  Join us as we read his word, support each other, spend time in prayer and commit to Joy! James 1:2-3 We will be using the books Kiss the Wave by Dave Furman and God’s Grace in your Suffering by David Powlison

Battle with Food-Evening TBD

After years of battling with dieting, eating disorders, and a poor self body image, it is clear there is much more to weight control and our worth than what we eat. Our group will be reading Love to Eat Hate to Eat by Elyse Fitzpatrick. We will explore together our destructive eating habits, surrendering our desire for control, breaking the vicious cycle of emotional eating, and developing a flexible plan suited to our unique situations. “God knows everything about you…where you’ve been and where you’re going. Because He knows you so well, He can deeply transform you, giving you the contentment you long for.”

God For Us-Monday Evening 

God for Us, Discovering the Heart of the Father through the Life of the Son by Abby Hutto

Is God really good?  Is he good to others?  Is he good to us?  We know the Bible says God is love, but sometimes his plans can seem cruel.  Do you struggle with resentment?  Understanding God's will?  Together we will look at stories from John's gospel that reveal the heart of the Father to us through Christ.  We will look at subjects such as:  God for the distant, for the ashamed, the afflicted, the grieving, the betrayed, the wounded and the hopeless.  Goal:  to behold the love of the Father and to change what keeps us from having a deep relationship with Him.

Contentment-Wednesday Lucnh (come on your lunch break!) 

The Envy of Eve by Melissa B. Kruger

This will be a discussion about learning to find contentment in a covetous world as we seek to trust God’s sovereignty and His goodness. We will consider key areas of our lives such as relationships, circumstances, possessions and abilities. God wants us to be content in all things because he is the Lord of all of our circumstances.

Married/Single Women’s Relationships with Men-Tuesday Mornings

For Women Only, What You Need to Know About the Inner Lives of Men, by Shaunti Feldhahn, is the book we will be going through. The man in your life carries important feelings so deep inside he barely knows they’re there, much less how to talk about them. Yet your man genuinely wants you to “get” him – to understand his inner life, to know his fears and needs, to hear what he wishes he could tell you. In her landmark bestseller, for women only, Shaunti reveals what every woman - single or married - needs to know. Based on rigorous research with thousands of men, she delivers one eye opening revelation after another…

For the Love of Discipline-Tuesday Morning 9:30, Panera/Bridge Street

Let’s be parent actually enjoys disciplining! Discipline is not something we do to our children, but something we do for  them. Discipline should not be considered a necessary evil, but a privilege; intentional and consistent. We will use For the Love of Discipline  by Sara Wallace as a basis for our study.  She offers practical tools, specific skills with a solid gospel foundation, full of love and grace.