Officer Nominations

The Session has recently organized a nominating committee. This committee solicits nominations for elder and deacon based upon your observations of men who are exercising their gifts in small group settings. Candidates for elder should be exercising gifts of teaching and encouragement to the Body and candidates for deacon should be seen offering helps and mercy among our church. See I Timothy 3:1-13 for Biblical qualifications. There will be nominating forms in the bulletin on Sunday.

November 1, 2018

Nominations for the Offices of Elder and Deacon at Valley Presbyterian Church

Dear Members of the Congregation of Valley:

Each denomination has its own procedures for appointing new church officers. In the PCA, we have a Book of Church Order (BCO), which sets out this procedure for us. What follows is a description of this process for making nominations.

Nominations: This is done by members of Valley submitting to the Session, by way of the Nominating Committee, the names of the men they believe meet the qualifications set forth is 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.  Elder and Deacon Nomination forms will be available in the church and the Sunday Bulletins. There are no limits on the number of nominees but family members should not nominate other family members.  The Nomination Committee will receive your nomination recommendations throughout November and conclude December 2, 2018.

Desire of the Nominee: Each approved nominee is informed of the duties of the office to which he has been nominated. He then must determine his willingness to serve and to give assent to the questions required for nomination to that office.

Instruction: From February to April 2019, the pastor will provide a leadership class to help each nominee evaluate his willingness and ability to serve.

Examination: It is the responsibility of the Session to examine each nominee in the areas of his Christian experience, especially his personal character and family management; knowledge of Bible content; knowledge of the system of doctrine, government, discipline in the PCA; the duties of the office to which he has been nominated and his willingness to give assent to the questions required for ordination in the BCO.  These examinations will take place in May to July 2019

Election: Those men meeting all the requirements and willing to serve are then presented to the congregation as eligible nominees. It is the responsibility of each member to exercise his or her discernment in voting for these men whom they sense God has gifted and called to serve at this time.  The election will occur in August 2019.

Checks and Balances:  As you can see, this process combines a series of checks and balances.  The Elders, as spiritual overseers, must exercise their wisdom in the qualifications of nominees. Those nominated must be confident before God of their commitment to the ordination promises they must make. Ultimately, the congregation, seeking God’s will, votes to approve the appointment to serve.

Three-Year Term: At Valley, we have a rotation system of service for our officers. This means that men are elected annually to serve a three-year term.  Elders and Deacons will be installed in August/September, 2019. 

Qualifications for Officers: Our Book of Church Order lists the following requirements for our officers.

  • “Each prospective officer should be an active male member who meets the qualifications set forth in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1” (BCO 24-1)
  • Of the Ruling Elder we are told that: “He that fills this office should possess a competency of human learning and be blameless in life, sound in the faith and apt to teach. He should exhibit a sobriety and holiness of life becoming the Gospel. He should rule his own house well and should have a good report of them that are outside the Church.”(BCO 8-2)
  • Of the Deacons we are told that, “The office of deacon is set forth in the Scriptures as ordinary and perpetual in the Church. The office is one of sympathy and service, after the example of the Lord Jesus; it expresses also the communion of saints, especially in their helping one another in time of need.” (BCO 9-1)
  • “To the office of deacon, which is spiritual in nature, shall be chosen men of spiritual character, honest repute, exemplary lives, brotherly spirit, warm sympathies, and sound judgment.” (BCO 9-3)