Tammy Hall

Tammy Hall

Tammy serves as our Nursery Coordinator. The Lord has given her heart a desire to provide a safe and fun place for our little ones to go and be ministered to, while giving parents the ease of mind knowing their littles are in a safe, engaging environment.

If you’re wondering what that accent is, Tammy and her husband, Tim, were born and raised in Michigan. They have known each other their entire lives. After dating long distance for only a year, they got married in August of 1999. In 2012, they, with their two energetic sons, moved to Alabama and found “home”.

For a little bit of “Tammy Time”, it really depends on the day and the mood whether she wants things loud or quiet. She enjoys having a coffee or drink while chatting with friends, reading a book, or turning up the radio while singing and dancing around the house. If you need an ear to listen or someone to have a good cry with, Tammy is your gal.

Favorite Movies: Almost any “chic flick”, The Hobbit Series, The Lord of the Rings Series, The Harry Potter Series, The Hunger Games Series, and many more

Favorite Books: Many match her favorite movies…The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and more

TV shows:  Heartland, When Calls the Heart, Friends, Last Man Standing

Hobbies: Camping, hiking, biking, running, reading, playing games

Places to visit: We could be here all day if we listed all they places she still wants to go!