Tanya Hardin

Tanya Hardin

Tanya grew up in Birmingham, but has lived in Huntsville for over 20 years.  She attended Auburn University, where she received a Master of Communication Disorders.  She worked for several years as a Speech Pathologist in rehabilitation hospital and pediatric settings. She joined the staff at Valley in 2009 as the nursery coordinator. More recently she has transitioned to her role as Senior Pastor Assistant. 

Tanya is married to John and they have two daughters, Katy and Sarah. Tanya enjoys Auburn Football, watching tennis, playing board games, and reading. 

Favorite books: Mysteries and Christian Historical Fiction

Favorite movies: Sweet Home Alabama, Brooklyn

TV shows: Anything on Hallmark Channel

Hobbies: Cake Decorating 

Places to visit: Auburn, the beach, Would love to go back to Paris!