At Valley, small groups are essential components of our identity and calling.  We have three broad categories of small groups: Women's, Men's, and Community Groups.  Our Community Groups include both men and women.  Many of our Community Groups meet during the week at homes or at the church.  Sunday Community Classes meet during the 9:30am hour on Sunday mornings prior to worship.  

Community Groups
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Fall 2022


6pm: Wayne Boyd, South Huntsville - No Childcare

5:30-8pm: Chris Johnston, Madison - No Childcare 

6:30-8pm: Kirk Kinard/ Seth Christopher, Northwest Huntsville,


6:30pm: Adam Fleming/ Daniel Hatcher, Madison,, - No Childcare


6:30-8pm, Hal Guest, Madison, - No Childcare


Zach Guyse, Athens, - Will have childcare

Carlos Bowden, Madison,


Groups meeting on Wednesday that have kids involved with D-Group

6pm, Ted Knowling,

5:45pm, Jason Crouch,

6pm, Tim Hall/Tj Shelton,,

6pm, Thomas Newman/Matt Patrick,,

6pm, Todd Wilson,

6pm, Josh Kepley,



Sunday Community Classes

Sunday Community Classes start back the Sunday after Labor Day at 9:30am in the portable on the hill behind the church building (directly behind the church office house). 

Classes meet Sep. 11, 18,  25 

Oct. 2 OFF for Fall Break 

Classes Meet Oct. 09, 16, 23, 30; Nov. 6, 13 

Nov. 20 - Jan. 1 OFF for the holidays 

We offer 2 classes: Christianity Explored and Grace-Based Spiritual Formation.

Christianity Explored:

Taught by Matt Patrick, Adam Fleming, Keith Denton, Jim Radford

Summary: Christianity Explored gives you the time and space to discover the best news you've ever heard! Over 9 sessions in Mark's Gospel, find out more about the life of the person at the heart of the Christian faith - Jesus Christ.


Grace-Based Spiritual Formation:

Taught by Hal Guest, Barney Heyward, Todd Wilson, Paul Shaw

Summary: This is a Sunday morning class that is designed to be an in-depth look at the manner in which grace transforms and informs our spiritual lives. We will introduce the ideas of spiritual disciplines and look at the vital connection between our emotional and spiritual lives. This class will be extremely useful for both the new believer and the life-long Christian.

Class 1: Grace and the Treadmill
Class 2: The Rich Young Ruler and the Great Exchange
Class 3: Gospel Identity and Sanctification
Class 4: An Introduction to Emotional Health
Class 5: Looking Beneath the Surface
Class 6: Living in Brokenness and Vulnerability
Class 7: Systems Theory
Class 8: Power Dynamics and Well-Differentiated Leadership
Class 9: Conflict and Triangulation
Class 10: Review and Introduction to the Spiritual Disciplines
Class 11: Word and Prayer
Class 12: Worship and Sabbath
Class 13: Welcome and Sacrifice

Resource List: (optional) 
 Jerry Bridges, The Discipline of Grace
 Peter Scazzero, Emotionally Healthy Spirituality
 Tim Keller, The Prodigal God
 Ronald Richardson, Creating a Healthier Church
 James K. A. Smith, You Are What You Love