On Campus Worship will resume on May 24, 2020. Worship services will continue to stream online for those who want to continue worshipping from home.

Key information for those who plan to attend worship:

> If you are sick, please do not attend.

> The nursery is closed and Children’s Church will not be held.

> If you need to take a child out of the service, we will have three “crier/nursing” rooms open in the back of the sanctuary.  You can also utilize the lobby.  

> Family units will sit together.  We are able to accommodate any family size…from 1 to 6, 7, 8.  If you plan to attend on a particular Sunday and need a larger section (family visiting from out of town, etc), please let us know. 

> For those of you attending in families of 1-5 to sit in rows that match your family size.  Again, if no seats are available for your family size, we are able to pull rows together to keep you together. 

> The Fellowship Hall doors will not be used.

> Enter/exit from front and side sanctuary doors.

> There will be a “no socializing zone” marked off around the entrances/exits in order to avoid any bottlenecks.

> If you use a bathroom, we recommend you to use a paper towel when you touch any surface or doors.

> We encourage the wearing of face masks, especially when singing or moving around.  

> Hand sanitizer will be available.

> Those leading worship will remove their masks as they lead.  There is 12 feet of distance set up between our stage and the front rows. 

> We encourage you to arrive early, find seating, and stay in that area prior to worship.  Feel free to fellowship with those around you.  The rows are spaced for proper distance.

> After worship, those who need to leave immediately will be dismissed first.

> Offering plates will be stationed at each door.

> Bulletins will be sent electronically.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your leadership: 


William: pastor@valleymadison.com

Session: session@valleymadison.com

Deacons: deacons@valleymadison.com

Staff: staff@valleymadison.com