Worship In Person and Online
Community Groups In Person

Sunday Worship can be attended in person or accessed through the Valley YouTube channel. You can also access the service through the LIVE tab on our website  The worship service starts at the regular time of 10:45am.

Sunday Communitites will resume January 9th at 9:30am and there are classes for all ages. 


Sunday Community Classes
Our Sunday Community Classes resume January 9th at 9:30am.

There are classes for all ages. All classes begin at 9:30am. 

Adult: There will be three adult classes beginning on January 9th.

The Fleming/Wilson Group for Young Adults meets in the Church Office and will study Order of Salvation.

The Radford/Zekoff Group meets in back classroom in the Adult Modular and will continue studying the Gospel of John.

The Heyward/Guest Group meets in the front classroom in the Adult Modular and will study Christian Theology. 


Children: Beginning January 9th there will be Children’s Sunday Community classes available for ages PreK through 6th grade. Children will begin at 9:30am with an assembly in the Fellowship Hall and then they will dismiss to their classes by grade. 

4’s & K: God Created All things: Discovering the Creator through His creation. Learning about the effects of the fall into sin and God’s promises of a Savior.  Upstairs - Room 201

1st/2nd: Living Together: God and His people - stories from Genesis  Upstairs - Room 202

3rd/4th: Worshipping God: The joys and duties of Worship. Upstairs - Room 203

5th/6th: Matthew to John: The life, work and teachings of Christ in the gospels. Upstairs - Room 203


Youth: Sunday Community Groups resume on January 9th in the Youth Building at 9:30am.


Sunday Worship

The Sunday Worship at Valley can be attended in person or online at the Valley YouTube channel or by visiting the "Live" page on our website. The order of worship which contains the liturgy is also available on the Live page for download.