Our Mission of Children's Ministry: Following Christ Together


Children's Ministries exists to fulfill the vision of Valley Presbyterian Church by partnering with parents to make disciples of our Covenant children by Following Christ Together.

We seek to:
  • nurture in your children a love of Jesus Christ,
  • deepen their reliance on the gospel of peace,
  • and cultivate a life of joyful worship and witness

Gospel-centered teaching
Gospel-centered community
Gospel-centered service

VISITORS: Welcome!
We're so glad you'll be worshipping with us! To check your child/children in, please visit the kiosks in the Fellowship Hall for their nametags.


Tammy Hall

Director of Children's Family Ministries
Children's Sunday Communities
Fall 2023
Sunday Community Classes
Our Sunday Community Classes begin right at 9:30am starting September 10, 2023. Children will meet in their SCC classroom.
This fall, we will be using the Great Commission Publication's Show Me Jesus curriculum. We hope to see you!
Children's Worship
Children's Worship is open to Preschool K - 1st grade.
Children's Worship

We invite your children to Children’s Worship!

Children are invited after the Song of Praise before the Scripture Reading.  Ages are PreK, Kindergarten and 1st grade.  This includes all children who were 4 years old by Sept. 1st, 2021.  We use the "Elements of Worship" curriculum to teach our children about worship.

Sign in children with bar code at check-in desk for a name tag.  Place name tag on the front of your child so leaders can read it.

Children will line up at the bottom of the stairs on the far side of the fellowship hall.  We will be using the children’s church rooms upstairs over the nursery.

Please go over the schedule so children will know what to expect. 

Helpful Hints:

  1. Take your child to the bathroom BEFORE Children’s Worship
  2. Send offering money for Huntsville Resources Pregnancy Center
  3. Encourage the use of the yellow children's bulletin and send it to CW with them.


Worship is for all ages and is one of the few things God’s people will do in this life as well as in the life to come. The eternal nature of worship makes learning these skills of utmost importance. So how do we teach a child to worship? We use the Teach Me to Worship curriculum. This curriculum introduces the common elements of worship that the universal church has used throughout the ages, and we hope to provide children with a greater understanding of the meaning and purpose of each of these elements. The elements of worship we cover are the same ones you see in your bulletin: Call to Worship, Prayer, Praise, Tithes & Offerings, Reading of the Word, Confession of Faith, Hearing the Word, Sacraments, Missions, and Benediction.